About the Author

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William is married to Amy, and have three children.

Christian, served as an Army Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne (2 Afghanistan deployments) and a deployment with 173rd Airborne in Italy and now going to school at Appalachian State.

Elizabeth, married and has worked with handicap kids and adults in Carey, NC and now working for Attorney’s Title. She is the finest mother to her son Knox and great wife to Kevin her husband.

Blake graduated school early and was the executive commander of his ROTC unit; he signed up for a 5-year hitch in the U.S. Marine Corp under a Recon contract.


William enjoys giving back to the community and supports a number of organization at various levels, to include: Western Carolina Rescue Mission (Homeless Shelter), Special Operations Foundation, Victor Marx Ministries (Combating Human Trafficking), WMIT Radio, Youth With A Mission (YWAM). And has his greatest passion is for the Heart For Lebanon Foundation, where he serves and volunteers when needed. William believes in lifelong learning.

A US Navy veteran serving, honorably in multiple conflicts & wars since 1985 with additional time spent in Afghanistan and Iraq as a military liaison to Special Forces units. William is a graduate of the Montreat College with a Masters in the schools executive MBA program.

After serving several years overseas in multiple countries in the late 80's to early 90's as Naval intelligence professional, William accepted a ministry position as an executive assisting pastor of the largest church within his denomination in Hawaii. He learned quickly that the greatest asset to any leader is his assistant.

A call from the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2004 redirected William to serve as an intelligence asset to Special Forces units in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over the next several years, he would lead several operational components in multiple hostile locations, ensuring both kinetic and non-combative missions were achieved.

In 2011, William assisted in restructuring a 21-Million-dollar intelligence contract to be successfully bought out, allowing him to pursue other interest and spend much needed time with family. In 2012 he focused his interests on creating a better environment by volunteer and then serving as Chief Operating Officer and Major Gift Office of largest homeless shelter in Western North Carolina where he spends much of his time coaching life-changing principles with those in need and encouraging donors. William's motto is, “Let's get caught doing good together.” He has been assisting the Director and Board members of the Western Carolina Rescue Mission in down town Asheville with the management of approximately 2.5 million in contributions and hard assets.


Aside from his MBA from Montreat College, he also is a 1992 graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College School of Ministry (SOM) followed by a pastoral commissioning; in 2010 he received a Master certification in Applied Project management through Villanova University; In 2011 William completed certification requirements for Legal Investigation through Winston Salem State University; In 2014 he completed his requirements as a certified Temperament counselor through Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling; and is a professional clinical member of the National Christian Counseling Association.


William now runs a Christian Counseling Practice in the Mountains of North Carolina where he teaches his clients to give their life away and leads a Bible Study in a local businessman's warehouse. To know more go to Asheville Christian Counseling.