This was a very painful, honest account of Will Cunningham’s life and the challenges he faced running from his past to find himself. It is true, you can run from God but you cannot hide. Will shares a message of hope and redemption that we are all worth it because God chose us!

- Wanda Bryson

Will’s book is a special testimony that is raw, authentic, and heartwarming which is very hard to find in literature these days. He captured the essence of what it is to grow up in a challenging and dysfunctional environment and then find spiritual guidance by falling in love with his soul mate Amy. Will’s walk with the Lord is one few men can claim, but many strive to obtain.

- John M. Allison Sr

Lt. Col., USMC, Ret.

Where I Belong (A Journey Declassified) is anything but your typical read of a Christian testimony book. Will has masterly penned a reflection and glimpse into his soul and takes us readers into a journey so raw and transparent that it truly touches the deepest part of our soul that needs encouragement and ferocious freedom by replacing lies with truth, allowing us to better live life at home as well as overseas downrange.

I’m a better person and fellow warrior from knowing Will, Amy, and their family for nearly 25 years Both our families understand struggle, challenges and injustices that apart from the Power of the Word of God and a loving Heavenly Father, would not be possible to overcome. He redeems our failures as well as others in our life and uses them for great and mighty outcomes — that is the life of Will Cunningham. I encourage you to not only to read this unique outlier warrior’s book, but get an extra copy because you will want others to read it as well!

- Victor Marx

All Things Possible Ministries